Special Guests from China

Here at Musico / Bernies Music Land, we are extremely proud of our relationship with the Hailun Piano Manufacturers. Since the end of 2005, they have produced our outstanding new range of Bernstein Hailun pianos.These pianos have been highly acclaimed by music professionals, teachers and hobbyists alike. In August, 2008 we were absolutely delighted to welcome the President of Hailun Piano Manufacturers, Mr. Hailun Chen, to Melbourne. Yes, he’s also the namesake of the company! He was accompanied by Mr. Mark Chan (his nephew and the International Sales Manager) and Mr. Xeng (the factory’s Head Technician). They were our very special guests for the 2008 Australian Music Association Convention (AMAC). Mr. Chen, Mr. Chan and Mr. Xeng arrived in Melbourne early on the morning of August 10, 2008. They were on an absolute high; they had come to Australia after watching the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympics; which featured one of their grand pianos. They were very proud of this honour.










L to R: Mr Xeng, Mr. Hailun Chen & Mr. Chan


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