Hailun Semi Concert Euro HG218 Grand Piano

The essence of collaboration between China and Europe, the Hailun model 218 Grand Piano is a work of art that beckons the pianist to perform. The execution of each intricate detail, places this semi-concert grand piano, in a class of its own.

• European Design
Striking, clean design and exclusive refinements.

• Turn Notes Into Music with Bernstein
Expressive, refined European tone and characteristics.

• Power at Your Fingertips
The instrument for those who demand full dynamic power.
A proud example of our international collaboration; creating an instrument of incredible dynamic power and clarity for its size, delivering dream-like performance for the most astute pianist.


Weight - 390kg
Depth - 218cm
Width - 156.1cm
Height - 101.6cm


Available Finishes:
Ebony and custom finishes on request and subject to production schedules.


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