BerNstein Semi-Concert BHG-198 Grand Piano

The Bernstein BHG198 Semi-concert is a masterpiece from Mr. Emerson, chief designer and engineer for Hailun pianos. It offers incredible artistic expression in tone and power and is ideal for halls, large homes and to be played by professionals.

• European Design
Striking, clean design and exclusive refinements.

• Turn Notes Into Music with Bernstein
Expressive, refined European tone and characteristics.

• Power at Your Fingertips
The instrument for those who demand full dynamic power.
A proud example of our international collaboration; creating an instrument of incredible dynamic power and clarity for its size, delivering dream-like performance for the most astute pianist.


Weight - 370kg
Depth - 198cm
Width - 163.3cm
Height - 101.6cm


Available Finishes:
Ebony and other finishes on request and subject to production schedules.


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