BerNstein Classic BHG-161 Grand Piano

The Bernstein BHG161 and 161G stands out as a work of art. It boasts state-of-the-art craftsmanship and offers a stunning performance in tonal balance and texture. With its optional Georgian era looks it stands out and sits well in elegant homes and small recital studios. QRS Pianomation and Piano Disk systems are also available for this model.


• Refined Touch
Enjoy the comfort of perfectly balanced weight on each key, responding to your every nuance.

• Beautiful Cabinets
Elegant lines and thoughtful design combine to enhance your home for years to come.
A proud example of our international collaboration; that has created an instrument of incredible dynamic range and clarity for its size, delivering dream-like performance for the most astute pianist.


Weight - 322kg
Depth - 111cm
Width - 149.2cm
Height - 101.6cm


Available Finishes:


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