Since 1979, it has been our dream to make Bernstein the premier Australian piano. This dream has finally been made possible with the Bernstein Platinum series, thanks to the help of the expert team of piano technicians and sound engineers from around Australia and Europe.

Bernstein pianos have stood the test of time in some of our most demanding performance venues, radio studios, churches, and homes. Young pianists have fuelled their musical passion at the National Bernstein Piano Competition – proudly Australia’s longest running piano competition. Television and radio shows have flourished around its name; long running programs like the Team of Pianists’ Bernstein Piano Hour and television’s Piano Talk series.
Bernstein holds a proud history, particularly the close relationship with renowned German piano designer, Klaus Fenner. Please explore our history in the detailed pages.
Bernstein has passed every test to be a registered Australian trademark at the highest level.
Bernstein is offered throughout Australia at specialty dealers; selected for their outstanding level of service and expertise. You can trust that your new piano will be meticulously prepared, carefully delivered and service supported for the future. Experience the choice for pianists demanding the finest piano money can buy at a family price. Of course, 10,000 Australian owners cannot be wrong.  

Using the finest European standards in design and experience,Bernstein produces instruments of distinction. Each instrument boasts the finest AAA grade soundboard spruce sourced from Siberian mountain-spruce, supreme German Roslaü strings, and hand-picked Wurzen hammer felt from Germany. Bernstein only selects the finest materials to offer you a premium piano.
Bernstein’s dedication to precision provides optimal implementation of high-tech machines and indispensable mastery and quality control, resulting in Bernstein’s benchmark instruments which are acclaimed and revered worldwide. With this marriage of tradition and innovation, Bernstein is able to offer a wide range of pianos from the beginner’s instrument to the professional concert grand.

The piano has long since passed its 300th birthday. However, recent technology has contributed immensely to the advancement of its building and performance. This is reflected in today's Bernstein pianos. The name Bernstein has been associated with piano manufacturing since well before World War 1. In the mid-twentieth century, a great deal of manufacturing moved emphasis from Europe to Asia; primarily China, Japan and Korea. In 1961, merchants in Malaysia selected the name to reflect the use of European parts with European tone characteristics.
In 1979, Bernie's Music Land sponsored the migration of one of the Malaysian merchants to Australia. By 1981, the first Bernsteins were imported from the Handok factory in Korea. In 1983, the Samick factory in Korea commissioned famous German piano designer Mr. Klaus Fenner to design a new range of high performance instruments. Mr. Fenner was well known to Bernies Music Land's Managing Director and, from 1986, guided the selection of Bernstein models for the Australian market.

In 1988, Mr. Fenner visited Australia exclusively for Bernstein. Mr. Fenner made an impressive presentation to a large gathering of piano tuners and technicians at the Preston College of Technology. From 1995 to the year 2000, Mr. Fenner spent time developing his concepts of scaling and multi layered soundboards with Chinese manufacturers.

In 2005, the Korean models ceased production. At the same time, Hailun launched the new series of pianos from Ningbo at the Shanghai Trade Fair. These instruments incorporated the new scaling and multi soundboard, as well as Mr. Hailun Chen's code of engineering to produce exceptional dynamics in volume, tone and touch.

Today, Bernstein Australia is proud to offer you this performance in its exquisite and extensive range of upright and grand pianos.
Bernstein pianos are built to the highest European and Australian standards. Boasting continuous private ownership over the past 40 years, Bernstein Australia holds a unique position as a leading piano company. Each Bernstein meets three strict criteria;
 Built strong for Australia from the best parts available, with modern production techniques
 The most musically satisfying piano for the classical repertoire and contemporary pianists alike
 Real pianos. European sound. Realistic price.With this in mind, Bernstein is proud to announce and bring you the new Bernstein “Platinum Series”.

Bernstein Platinum Series CF180 grand piano at Marshall White Foundation Ball

Special thanks to the Marshall White Foundation for this stunning photo of our Bernstein Platinum Series CF180 grand piano at their fundraising ball on 28 May 2017. We loved hearing that the event was a wonderful success and that our support and service made a great contribution to their fundraising efforts. 

Upright Piano Series
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